Buttermilk Creamsicle Panna Cotta

The boys started school last Wednesday, Josh is now a Senior and Justin is a Sophomore. I can’t believe how time seems to have just flown by.

This year especially, just last week I stopped by our local Hallmark shop to pick up a Birthday card for my husband and they already had their Halloween and Christmas decorations out on display!?! What the heck? Really? It’s only August…

Well, on another non related note. While Mom and Dad are out of town, I made sure I left the boys a special dessert to enjoy.

With not much time to plan, I picked out this relatively easy dessert to make. Bonus, they make for a beautiful dessert.



Blue Sparkling Star

Reasons to make a Blue Sparking Star:

  • You’ve decided to embark on a month-long quest that entails baking cookies most of your waking hours.
  • You’ll be hosting one or more holiday parties where all your guests are will be dressed to the nines and you want to serve them an equally fancy cocktail.
  • You realized you are finally done with all your holiday shopping.
  • You’ve decided to put the diet on hold until Jan 1st. (year irrelevant…)
  • You work in retail (or for an e-tailer).
  • You are celebrating the receipt of a pretty decent holiday bonus.
  • [Insert pretty much any other reason you can think of here…]
  •


    Carrot Martini

    Since today is technically “Friday” for almost everyone else in the US who doesn’t happen to work for a Retailer or in my case an e-Tailer. I decided to share my liquid libation with you a little early. For those of us who will be reporting to work this Friday, we’ll probably need one of these as soon as we walk through the door.

    All I really have to say about this cocktail—if you’ve been to Mexico and have bought carrot juice from a local street vender or fruit stand, typically served in a plastic bag with a straw—well this is 1000 times better! For those not as adventurous—don’t knock it until you try it. I absolutely loved it!

    Appropriately fitting with what seems to have morphed into the theme of the week on the blog… I give you the Carrot Martini!.

    CHEERS and have a very Happy Thanksgiving!



    Orange Salted Caramel Margarita

    The first thing I saw when I got home and walked into the kitchen yesterday evening, were two huge bags plopped on the kitchen counter. Upon closer inspection I identified them as 2 – 25 lbs bags of oranges. Yes, 50 pounds of oranges sitting on my kitchen counter! As soon as my husband saw the perplexed look on my face he said. “Look, one of my clients gave these to me as a gift.” That’s very generous, I said.



    Mexican Orange Cookies

    I recently came across an old article posted on the New York Times website which talks about the Psychology of Gift Giving. With Christmas only a few days away I thought it would be appropriate to share it with you today.

    The main point of the article basically helped reiterate something we’ve known all along… It’s the act or thought of giving and not the gift itself that matters. It lets our friends and loved ones know they are important to us and that we care about them regardless of what the gift itself might be; which in turn makes us feel good.

    A win-win situation if you ask me!