mini marshmallows

Cup of Yule Tide Cheer

Where has this month gone? I swear I had a list of 13 different tasty treats I wanted to post this month, I had it all planned out with go live dates and everything! I was going to crank those posts out like they were french macarons. [sigh]


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White Chocolate Rocky Road Ice Cream

It was recently brought to my attention that I had apparently neglected to restock the freezer with ice cream. I figured since it was winter the boys would prefer non-frozen desserts. —Guess I was mistaken.

After all, I suppose if you do happen to get a mid-winter ice cream craving all you have to do is maybe double up on the socks, through a few extra layers of clothing, grab a blanket or two and then sit in front of a nice warm fire to enjoy your frozen treat. Ice Cream it is…



Teddy Bear Killer Dessert Bars

This past Friday I had the pleasure of catering dessert for another super cool Supper Club event which took place at Stephan Webster’s Flagship store on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.