honey liqueur

Baklava Martini

Baklava, one of my favorite indulgent desserts of all time; micro-thin sheets of phyllo dough that are doused in melted butter then stacked together to create thick layers which are then gingerly separated by mixture of walnuts and/or pistachios and sugar then baked and completely bathed in a honey syrup.


Pear Almond Crisp Martini

You know how the story goes… It starts off with a quick trip to BevMo, but when you arrive you begin walking up and down the isles “exploring”. 10-15 minutes later you come across a very tall and thin looking bottle of Pear liqueur with a charming label written in French. You are sure this would make a wonderful fall cocktail and you then begin to wonder how it never made it into your basket before. You then carefully place the bottle in your basket and make your way over to the register feeling really excited about the next cocktail you’ll be making.