hazelnut liqueur

Frangelico Frozen Mudslide

What we have here for you today is what everyone needs to end the perfect dinner. A dessert and cocktail all rolled into one. A boozy frozen concoction that is deliciously rich, cool, and satisfying.

One sip of this mudslide and you will discover just as I did, that no matter how hard you try to set it down and enjoy it at a normal pace, you will be completely powerless.

It could very well be attributed to the fact that there is Frangelico Hazelnut Liqueur and ice cream involved.


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Salted Caramel Pretzel Martini

How is it possible that in all my years of living in California I have never, not once, made it up to northern wine country? This girl, who was born in California, has spent close to 80% of her life living in California, and has such a huge appreciation for the particular type of fermentation that region is known for has never set foot on a Northern California vineyard! Completely unacceptable am I right?

Sure, I happen to only live 30 minutes away from Temecula and I have visited a couple of their vineyards. It feels as though I have only experienced the local fair and have yet to pay a visit to one of the major state theme parks.



Lillet Peach Cobbler

When you think of peach cobbler, a cocktail is probably the last thing that comes to mind.

Did you know there is actually a family of cocktails that are called cobblers? The cobbler dates way back to the early 1800s and it was usually prepared with some form of wine, sugar and fresh fruit. The original Cobbler according to David Wondrich, author of Imbibe! is the Sherry Cobbler made with sherry, orange slices, sugar served in a tall glass with ice and garnished with fresh berries

I was just as surprised and delighted when I stumbled upon this little cocktail treasure. So, I decided to try a variation of it and share it with you. READ MORE >>


Baklava Martini

Baklava, one of my favorite indulgent desserts of all time; micro-thin sheets of phyllo dough that are doused in melted butter then stacked together to create thick layers which are then gingerly separated by mixture of walnuts and/or pistachios and sugar then baked and completely bathed in a honey syrup.