creme de menthe

Stinger Cocktail

I know I’m kind of diverting from the norm with this very neat, sans-heavy cream cocktail. But trust me, once you give it a try I think it may just become your “Winter Cocktail”, as it has now become mine.

A couple of days ago at the office, as things were winding down and we were getting ready to leave. We began having a conversation about what we like to drink. The conversation progressed for a while, as you can imagine. We covered favorite wines, beers, and of course favorite cocktails. This ultimately lead us into discussing how we stock our bars. Most have one or two favorite spirits and one or two mixers. Then you have me, who practically buys every new type of spirit that gets placed at eye-level especially, if it’s packaged in a cool bottle. I have no self-control, I know. Finally, the conversation ended with this link being shared (something that happens quite often and is pretty much the norm around the office).


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