caramel liqueur

Salted Caramel Pretzel Martini

How is it possible that in all my years of living in California I have never, not once, made it up to northern wine country? This girl, who was born in California, has spent close to 80% of her life living in California, and has such a huge appreciation for the particular type of fermentation that region is known for has never set foot on a Northern California vineyard! Completely unacceptable am I right?

Sure, I happen to only live 30 minutes away from Temecula and I have visited a couple of their vineyards. It feels as though I have only experienced the local fair and have yet to pay a visit to one of the major state theme parks.



Spiked Speculoos Milkshake

Talk about an indulgent cocktail.

For starters, this little glass of joy is made up of speculoos cookie butter, vanilla ice cream, and a liberal drizzling of caramel sauce.

Excuse me as I go wipe the drool off my face…

OK, I’m back.

Now, onto a couple of other special constituents that make up this ridiculously good cocktail dare I mention, caramel vodka and caramel liqueur?

Sold right?



Caramel Macchiato Spritz Cookies

Today we are kicking off yet another year of the Daydreamer Desserts December cookie series. Time for me to whip up one batch of cookies after another with my classic spin on them and share them all with you. I’ll make as many as I can while still trying to churn out a fabulously indulgent cocktail post every week.