Pinktober Pinkarons

Update: Just wanted to remind you I’m still in the running to be The Next Project Food Blog Star! Voting is currently underway for Challenge #6. If you haven’t voted already you still have time… voting ends Thursday October 28, 2010 at 6pm (PST). Just click on the heart and show me some love. :) Thank you!!

Mactweets is going PINK this October in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Hey… if the NFL players, coaches, and refs are all sporting pink game gear to support the fight against breast cancer as well as help raise awareness. It’s only fair that our dainty macarons follow suit.



Over the hills and through the woods...

It’s off to work we go…

Oh, but before we go, I just wanted to let you know that I’m so thankful for all your votes and awesome comments. It because of them I’m able to keep going, love ya!

Like I said, because of *you* I find myself writing this 6th post in the Project Food Blog challenge.

At first I couldn’t decide in what direction to take this post. Then, I had an aha! moment. I decided I wanted you to get to know me a little better, and that’s why I’m taking you to work. Don’t worry I won’t make you code… unless you want too? 😉

As you can see from the pictures in the film strips above, my drive is actually quite scenic (aside from the gloomy weather). I drive above Lake Elsinore through Cleveland National Forest over Ortega Hwy (This road has more curves than Marilyn Monroe!), a two lane road which then drops me off in San Juan Capistrano. After a quick ride on Interstate 5 and toll road 73 we arrive in beautiful Aliso Viejo, CA.



Malted Milk Macarons

Before I share with you one of my favorite summers and how they relate to Malted Milk Macarons, I just wanted to let you know that voting for Project Food Blog is officially open.

Project Food Blog

A big thanks to all of you who read Me, The Short Story, my submission for Project Food Blog Challenge #1. I was filled with joy reading all your wonderful comments.

Voting for this challenge ends September 23, have you voted yet? If you haven’t, here’s the link to my entry on Foodbuzz. Once you register or sign into Foodbuzz, all you have to do is click on the hart to vote. Thank you!!



This past Saturday wasn’t very fun… there was a lot of box lifting, a lot of running up and down stairs, pretty much all other non-fun activities associated with moving. There was however, a little bubble-wrap popping which is always fun, at least for the person doing the popping. :)

But lets talk about the prior Saturday which was way more fun and interesting… it involved, friends, food, and fun. I’m not going to lie, a little work was required, well… OK a lot of work was required, but it’s not really work when you are doing what you love and, when the work load is shared among some really talented friends.

Hopefully without giving away too much about the event, I’ll share a few details.
Hungry for more Sushi 101 – Dessert…?


This month’s Mactweets – Mac Attack Theme as you can tell by the title of this post is dedicated to Summer Flicks.

The movie I had originally intended to be the source of inspiration is one of my favorite “guilty pleasure” movies, and not a huge blockbuster such as E.T. was.

E.T. Images via IMDB