Homemade Green Tea Kit Kat Bars

POST UPDATE: I’m so happy to announce the Peko Peko Cookbook is finally available for sale!

Today I wanted to give you a sneak peak at a very special project a few bloggers and I have been working on.

The project is a Japanese and Japanese-inspired charity cookbook with close to 50 family friendly recipes published by Blurb and 100% of the profits will be donated to charity relief efforts in Japan.

The title of our cookbook is Peko Peko: A Charity Cookbook for Japan. “Peko peko” is a common way children say, “I’m hungry!” in Japan.

The project is being lead by three very talented food bloggers; Stacie Billis of One Hungry Mama, Rachael Hutchings of La Fuji Mama, and Marc Matsumoto of No Recipes.

The image you see above is my humble contribution to the cookbook, homemade green tea kit kat bars and a glimpse of one of the close to 50 family friendly recipes you’ll find in this very special cookbook.

If you’ed like to learn more about our cookbook, contributors, or if you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please visit http://www.pekopekocookbook.com.


Drink Wine Day

I don’t necessarily need to have a reason to enjoy a glass of good wine…

But today…

Well, it happens to be Friday, which is nice.

It also happens to be Payday, which is even nicer!

And… to top that all off… oh yeah, it’s National Drink Wine Day!

So Cheers to that! 😉


Warm Butter Cake a la Mastro's

Today I have two very sweet treats for you. A mouth watering butter cake recipe and a chance to win a $50.00 gift card to a certain on-line shop.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you already know that I work at a certain place mentioned here and here.



Big Game Michelada

The title pretty much says it all…

Happy Sunday and enjoy the big game!



FlambĂ©ed Banana CrĂȘpes Suzette

The challenge: Whip up a “Steamy Valentine’s Day” Inspired recipe.

I thought to myself, what could be “Steamier” than a Valentine’s Day dessert so hot it goes up in flames?