Blueberry Gimlet

April 18, 2014
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This week I’ve been feeling a little under the weather, so to help my immune system snap out of it. I decided to follow in my grandfathers footsteps and partake in some “alternative” medicine if you will. Well OK, they are really more like old wives tales, but whatevs.

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Malted Peanut Butter Swirl Robin Egg Ice Cream

April 14, 2014
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So we are one week and a day shy of Easter, and if last weeks cookies weren’t your thing, or you felt they needed some sort of a accompaniment. I might have just the thing…

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Maple Malted Chocolate Chip Robin Egg Cookies

April 7, 2014
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Sorry I keep toying with you, last Friday it was all about summer, and today I’m bringing you back into Spring with these cookies. It was with the best of intentions I assure you. I simply want to make sure you have some yummy Easter treats for your family.

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Chocolate Chunk Almond Cookies

March 31, 2014
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I whipped up a batch of these the other day and took some to work. Based on the feedback I received; I’m here to tell you these are definitely a *must* make! Think of these cookies if you will, as a kicked up version of your every day peanut butter cookie. But I mean seriously […]

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Black Forest Martini

March 28, 2014
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Last weekend was b-day weekend, and due to one thing or another, plans were altered slightly. So no I didn’t get to Mastro’s. But! This weekend, I’m putting my foot down. Rain or shine my lips will for sure indulging on some Mastro’s warm butter cake. No doubt! Oh, and I’ll also be sipping on […]

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