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Happy Friday folks!

What better way to kick off a long weekend than with a grown up sweet treat right? Well, that is unless you prefer these types of treats instead (which is totally cool).


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Cookie brittle has been on my mind for some time now.


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In honor of Whiskey Sour Day which will take place on Monday. Yes… I admit, I’m one of those who keeps an eye on these things.


{ 2 comments } | Hawt Chocolate Custards

Although I’ve heard of Cinepolis in passing here and there for some time now. It really hadn’t caught my eye until just recently when one of my co-workers posted an Instagram pic of an Iced Mexican Mocha which him and his wife procured during their last visit to said establishment while going to watch The Expendables 3.


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So perhaps cherry season is pretty much over according to the almanac…

I seriously have my doubts though, since grocery stores here in Southern California keep taunting me with 2 lb. bags of reasonably priced gorgeous looking cherries. Being a sucker for a good deal this weekend I couldn’t resist so I caved in and picked up one of these said two pound bags of cherries and proceeded to whip up this tart to share with you.

Trust me, it’s so a slam dunk!