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Mother of three amazing boys who during the day hangs out at this place as the Director of Marketplace Systems.

Now, let’s get straight to the point though and move on onto my alter-ego.

Josie Tavares

I’m a Self-taught Pastry Queen with an innate ability to whip up one great batch of French Macarons after another, some would say I also mix up a great cocktail every now and again. When daylight and my camera cooperate, my pictures don’t turn up to shabby. Oh, one other fun fact… I LOVE a great glass of wine.

Random facts about this Daydreamer:


Mr. De La Grana (aka Papi) and I

  • The greatest man I’ve ever known was my father; he was completely selfless and had the biggest heart. He was the youngest of 7 boys and dedicated most of his young adulthood caring for his dying mother. Once she passed away, he began to live his life. He flew from Cuba to Miami with nothing but the shirt on his back. His brother introduced him to my mother when he was 47, a few months later they got married and the rest is history.

    The Amezcua Siblings

    Five out of the ten Amezcua Siblings.

  • My mom was the youngest of 10, at 41 she got married and at 42 she gave birth to me. What took her so long you may ask? Well, she was too busy being a nun.

    That’s me holding up the “5 A” sign…

  • I was born in the US and moved to Mexico when I was 10 so I could learn how to speak and write spanish properly. After high school I decided it was time to return to the US.
  • I spent one year in a Catholic boarding school while I was in Mexico. Take a wild guess who’s idea that was. We attended Mass and prayed the Rosary every single day…

  • I love to ride horseback. While living in Mexico I learned how to ride on a sidesaddle, and I also dreamed of being on an Escaramuza team.
  • I love to drive, I’m somewhat of a speed deamon (shhhh… it’s my dirty little secret.) Having a nice fast car is the only thing that’s kept me sane after almost 13 years of commuting a minimum of 80 miles per day.
  • Living in a house full of boys is the best when you are the only woman, and you don’t have to clean the bathrooms.

    Mmm… Ice Cream!!

  • If you were to ask me what food item I could eat for every meal every day for the rest of my life without getting sick of it. The answer would be: Ice Cream.
  • I grew up watching the Family Film Festival on KTLA, the movies I remember the most were Pippi Longstocking, my favorite of course was Pippi Goes On Board. It’s the one in which she bakes a room-full of cookies during Christmas.
  • I love to sing while driving… my car thinks I’m wonderful at it, it hasn’t complained yet.

  • I love hot summer sunny days, or crisp fall sunny days… boo on cloudy, overcast, cold, or rainy days.
  • I’m not a picky eater, I’m willing to try pretty much any type of food at least once.
  • Boolean hadCoffee = False;
    Boolean grumpyJosie = False;

    hadCoffee = DidJosieHaveCoffeeToday();

    grumpyJosie = True;

    //I think there might be a bug here, because sometimes the DidJosieHaveCoffeeToday method returns true, and somehow the grumpyJosie boolean gets set to true, when clearly it should remain false.

  • The previous fact was code for: “I’m a geek”.

French Macarons by Daydreamer Desserts

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