Cookbook Review: Simply Sensational Cookies

October 15, 2012

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Nanaimo Truffle Bars

Last week I received a review copy of Simply Sensational Cookies by Nancy Baggett, published by Wiley 2012. Loaded with over 200 recipes ranging from no-bake cookies to the ever elusive macaron, I couldn’t wait to dive in take it for a spin in my kitchen.

The cookbook starts off with a brief intro, then Nancy goes over some cookie-baking basics so experienced and non-experienced bakers both start off on a level playing field. The chapters that follow include extra-easy, hand-shaped, rolled, no-bake, and slice & bake cookies. There are also a couple of other interesting chapters such as Master Dough, Fancy Cookies & Decorating Projects, and Frostings, Fillings & Finishing Touches.

The cookbook is sprinkled with Diane & Todd’s mouthwatering handy work, and I say *sprinkled* because in my opinion you can never have enough recipe inspiring photography in a cookbook, and their gorgeous photography just leaves you craving more.

At the top left of each recipe Nancy cleverly added a do-ability rating, from extra easy to fairly difficult, she also highlights some of the key attributes of the recipe, such as Sophisticated flavor combo, Gluten-free, or Excellent make-ahead recipe which I found extremely helpful.


The recipe I chose to try out came straight out of page 258, Nanaimo Truffle Bars from the No-Bake Cookies chapter. I chose this recipe because I had dinner guests that evening and the oven was on full-time duty roasting two chickens and a batch of home made macaroni and cheese.

Having previously made Nanaimo bars from scratch I totally appreciated the ease in which the recipe came together, and as far as taste goes, they were a huge hit!

With the holidays aka cookie season just around the corner, I’m sure I will be making many more recipes out of this book. Oh and speaking of the holidays I almost forgot to mention, she also has great recipes for cookies/bars in jars mixes which make great homemade gifts!

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