Cake Vodka Perfected

January 20, 2012

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Three Olives Cake Vodka

My friend Cindy and I recently paid a visit to what I clearly think is the best spirit shoppe in Southern California. —I’m not kidding. This place has isles and isles of every possible distilled beverage imaginable.

As it can be expected, being exposed to such an immense assortment of spirits can be very overwhelming. We were wondering through one of the infused vodka isles at the time and happened to be standing right by the Three Olives assortment debating wether or not to try their Cake vodka when Dave, one of the shoppes liquor buyers walked up to us and offered to help. We talked a little then I told him about my own infused vodka experiments which greatly impressed him, so much so, that he quickly grabbed a bottle of Three Olives Cake vodka and said, “this is by far the best Cake vodka out there, you have to taste it”.

He led us to the back office, bottle of cake vodka in hand, and poured us both a little shot to taste. We each picked up our mini disposable shot cups and took them right to our nose to smell. I instantly had visions of a huge bowl of rich and creamy vanilla buttercream frosting and instantly started salivating. Next came the taste, just a small sip and those visions turned into a delicious triple layered cake topped with just the right amount of vanilla buttercream frosting. The vodka was smooth and had absolutely no aftertaste whatsoever, simply delicious, perfect. —Keep in mind that it was poured at room temperature, so you can imagine just how amazing it tastes once it has been chilled.

Needless to say, Cindy and I both walk out of there with a bottle each of this delicious vodka, among a few others, of course.

Three Olives Bartender's Recipe Book

Above is sample of their Cake vodka recipes. Or, you can download their Bartender’s Recipe Book.


Oh the possibilities…

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