Blue Sparkling Star

December 2, 2011

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Blue Sparkling Star

Reasons to make a Blue Sparking Star:

  • You’ve decided to embark on a month-long quest that entails baking cookies most of your waking hours.
  • You’ll be hosting one or more holiday parties where all your guests are will be dressed to the nines and you want to serve them an equally fancy cocktail.
  • You realized you are finally done with all your holiday shopping.
  • You’ve decided to put the diet on hold until Jan 1st. (year irrelevant…)
  • You work in retail (or for an e-tailer).
  • You are celebrating the receipt of a pretty decent holiday bonus.
  • [Insert pretty much any other reason you can think of here…]
  • Reasons not to make a Blue Sparking Star…

  • You don’t like champagne, orange, and/or vodka.
  • You suffer from Cyanophobia – Fear of the color blue.
  • You suffer from Astrophobia – Fear of stars and celestial space.

    Pretty straight forward… yes?

    Happy Holidays!!!


    Blue Sparkling Star
    Recipe type: Cocktail
    Serves: 2
    • 2 ounces orange infused vodka
    • 2 ounces blue curaçao
    • champagne
    1. Rim 2 champagne glasses with blue sanding sugar.
    2. Pour 1 ounce orange infused vodka into each of the prepared champagne glasses.
    3. Pour 1 once blue curaçao into each into each of the prepared champagne glasses.
    4. Top each glass with champagne

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