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January 9, 2011

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Cake Boss - Buddy Valastro

About a month ago, TLC sent me a copy of Buddy’s new book Cake Boss – Stories and Recipes from Mia Famiglia”.

Being a huge fan of Buddy and wanting to learn more about his story and how he eventually became the “Cake Boss”, I began reading it immediately. Well, from the moment I picked up his book and started reading, I didn’t want to put it down.

Buddy begins his fourth generation Baker story by telling us how his grandfather who was actually born in America, but living in Italy during the dawn of World War II decided to returned America in hopes of prosperity leaving his wife and family behind. Buddy’s father on the other hand was born in Italy and came to the US at a very young age.

Like all family stories there were plenty of ups and downs, at one point I got so choked up a few tears actually rolled down my face. That just goes to show what a great story Buddy share’s with us.

Not only does his book contain a very interesting story, he also managed to pack it in with some of Carlo’s Bakery’s best recipes… such as as the very popular and sought after Italian pastry; Lobster Tails. As well as plenty of other traditional Italian desserts, cookies, and some of his best cake and buttercream recipes.


And speaking of Lobster Tails… I decided to look the other way and ignore Buddy’s warning regarding any [Joe Schmo => Me] non-professional non-accomplished baker trying to attempt to make these babies.

Below is a photo journal of my little adventure… for your viewing pleasure.

So far so good right? The dough is now ready to be rolled paper thin.

Buddy uses a sheeter, then finishes the stretching by hand.

So I thought I would help myself out by using the pasta attachment of my Kitchen Aid mixer.

Obviously, I ran out of counter space…

I should have stopped while I was ahead…

Instead I kept rolling the dough into a mega tube of sfogliatelle.

Sure a few turned out semi-decent… but just keep scrolling down.

Presto… Il Frankenstein Lobster Tail.

This was a great read and packed with great recipes, hence the 5 whisks.

Now, I think I’ll go make some of his chocolate chip cookies instead, to try and redeem myself.

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