A day in the Spago Kitchen

August 23, 2010

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My day started bright and early… the alarm went off at 5 am, I had some coffee, read a few emails, and tweeted a little. An hour later I was rushing to get ready for my adventure in the Spago kitchen.

Upon arriving at Spago I said good morning to Pastry Chef Zairah and reported myself for duty, Sherry had given her the heads up that I would be helping out for the day. She showed me to the locker room where I picked out a chef jacket and hat, I then went downstairs to the pastry room and helped myself to an apron and hand towel.

Once I was properly dressed, I reported back to Zariah. She showed me to my station and assigned me my first task… a little strawberry slicing to get me warmed up.

Having completed my first task, next I was to roll a little cookie dough… Sherry’s famous white chocolate cherry chunk cookies. I rolled the dough in to full sheet length logs and wrapped them in parchment paper.

Here are few other tasks I helped with:

Prepped a few cobblers
Filled pastry bags with yuzu curd! (Which was delicious by the way…!!)
Flaked some Almond granita
Dipped goji berries in a white chocolate marcona almond ganache
Sliced short bread
Pitted cherries… (a lot of cherries) :)

Sherry is such a sweetheart and a wealth of knowledge, we chatted a little while stemming fraise des bois.

Later in the afternoon she showed me around the Spago dining room and explained the history behind the restaurant. She pointed out the Picasso, the custom etched glass pieces, and the flames representing passion. Which happens to theme of the restaurant designed by Barbara Lazaroff. The flames can be found throughout the restaurant, from the carpet to the furniture, to the light fixtures. The restaurant itself is a work of art!

Right before the restaurant opened for dinner, she took me over to the pizza station, where I met Tito, Master Pizza Maker Extraordinare!!

He gave me a quick lesson, and in no time I too was making pizzas!

It was a long day, I was there almost 11 hours, but time just flew by. It was a true honor…

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